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The Critical Questions

Review this chapter, especially the Winners’ Laws and How Do You Rate? sections. Then answer two questions:

1. How can I learn what dues I must pay?

2. What should I do to pay my dues?

Discuss your answer with someone you trust and take good notes

How to Become a Winner

The previous chapters have thoroughly described the differences between winners and other players. I hope you have compared yourself to winners by completing all the self-ratings and inserted them into this chapter.

The Winners’ Laws in those chapters were specific recommendations for applying each chapter’s principles. This chapter goes a large step further. It will help you do the following:

· Compare your overall profile to the winners’ profile.

· Break out of your comfort zone to become a winner (or a bigger one).

After reading this chapter, a friend said, “Most people won’t do all the work you recommend.” He is right, but most poker players are losers. And the biggest reason they lose is that they won’t pay their dues. If you really want to be one of the few winners, you have to work.


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