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Wet grass


Aiming to develop better predictions for grass growth & utilisation is GrassCheckGB, a nationwide initiative involving 50 beef, sheep & dairy farms, working alongside CIEL, AFBI and Rothamsted Research, the three GB Levy Boards – AHDB Beef & Lamb, HCC, QMS, and industry sponsors: Datamars Livestock, Germinal, Waitrose & Partners, Handley Enterprises, Sciantec Analytical and Corteva.


The project aims to assist farmers in improving both grass growth and utilisation by providing information on grass growth, grass quality and weather conditions from 50 locations across GB to assist farmers in making grassland management decisions and increase output from grass.



GrassCheckGB publishes weekly summary bulletins in the Farmers Guardian, on Facebook and Twitter (@GrasscheckGB) throughout the grazing season, detailing average farm grass quality and growth rates across the country, soil conditions and weekly total rainfall. Bulletins include management notes tailored to the current conditions recorded on project farms throughout the grazing season.


More information can be found on the project website at

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