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The Speedrite 46000W Mains Energizer offers a powerful alternative to the 36000R model, for farmers that want a great performing energizer with an intuitive interface. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility, the Datamars Livestock Farm App provides the ability to monitor and control the energizer from a phone.

46000W Mains Energizer

SKU: 480 0002-018
    • 46 J @ 33 Ω max. output energy (68 J stored energy)
    • Powers up to 460 km (290 miles / 640 acres / 260 hectares)
  • Superior features

    • Cyclic Wave™ provides continuous power right to the end of the fence.
    • LED indicators show energizer output voltage for quick diagnostics.
    • Bi-polar technology provides high performance in dry, low conductive soil conditions.
    • Split bolt terminals allow multiple fence wires to be connected.

    Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled

    • Connect with nearby energizer using Bluetooth to check voltage, turn on and off, and configure remote address (Fence remote sold separately).
    • Connect to energizer remotely over the internet to receive notifications when voltage drops. Check voltage remotely, and turn on and off remotely (Requires Wi-Fi network coverage).

    Monitor and control the energizer from your phone

    • Use the Datamars Livestock Farm App to connect to the energizer and see the fence voltage in real-time, configure the energizer settings, and connect the energizer to the Wi-Fi network.
    • Once the energizer is connected to the internet, it sends a notification when fence voltage drops, so issues can be resolved quickly.
    • If a fault is found on the fence line, use the app to turn the energizer off right from where you’re standing to fix the fault, then turn the energizer back on and check the voltage is back to normal.
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