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The NEW Flexi 4000C design is fully fabricated and can be deployed on-farm with ease. The mobility kit allows you to move the unit between paddocks as needed. Designed to tow behind any vehicle, it’s easy to move and has flexibility to quickly set up in a ‘walk over weighing’ or ‘walk on 4 foot weighing’ configuration. Ideal for use in temporary or semi-permanent applications.


Accurately and easily capture valuable livestock data for better decision making. Reduce labour costs, maximise productivity, improve animal welfare and enhance pasture management, to grow your profitability.

Flexi Mobile 4000C

    • Beef Flexi Mobile unit
    • Control unit (4G, SAT, Wi-Fi options)
    • MP600 load bars
    • Solar panels
    • EID reader and antenna
    • Exclusion cage 
    • Wheel kit
    • Drawbar and winch systems
    • Datamars Livestock subscription (Cellular or Satellite data package available)
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