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SuperBrass Tag

  • The original brass cattle tag from Hauptner offers a reliable, long lasting and cost effective Secondary tag which does not corrode or deteriorate over time. Ideal for pedigree and commercial breeders being an unobtrusive Secondary tag option. Super Brass presents an extremely low profile in the ear with little danger of being caught in feeding rings or on twine etc. but still provides enough length for growing room when inserted into young stock. The oval pin locates into the precision cut hole upon insertion. Raised outer rib edges prevents abrasion to the main body of the tag where the deep-etched identification number is engraved ensuring identification is still possible years later. A secure back-up even if the animal has lost the Primary plastic tag. The Super Brass applicator rivets the tag closed in one swift action in a fraction of a second as you insert the tag. The auto retractable action once the ear tag is inserted also reduces the risk of ear tearing.
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