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XRP2 Panel Reader

  • The XRP2 is built around Tru-Test’s state of the art digital signal processing that gives optimum read range while automatically reducing unwanted interference.


    Its revolutionary fast auto tuning provides maximum performance under all conditions. The fixed panel reader environment isn’t static. Small changes in the metalwork or the simple action of opening a metal gate on a crush or crate can affect the reader’s range and read speed performance. Tru-Test’s EID panel readers maintain optimal performance through these changing conditions by retuning up to 18 times per second, ensuring consistent, accurate tag reads throughout your weigh session.


    The XRP2 gives you the flexibility to record ID tags into a session file or send IDs directly to your weigh scale indicator to record individual animal weights and other information. It also comes with built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology to easily connect to your weigh scale indicator or smartphone.


    • Reads all HDX and FDX-B tags

    • Option to record tags or send to your weigh scale indicator

    • Wirelessly connect with your weigh scale indicator or smartphone using Bluetooth®

    • technology, for easy data transfer and to eliminate cables

    • Easily download recorded information using your PC or Android* smartphone

    • Plug and play setup, with unique auto tuning function

    • Antenna options to suit your setup, with different sizes and dual option

    • Rugged design for the tough agricultural environment

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