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 Integrated Livestock 
 Management Solutions 

We envision a world where the harnessing of data is made simple to measurably improve productivity and quality of life for our customers & their livestock. We provide some of the world’s leading brands in livestock management systems to help reach this vision.

 Product Categories 

Game & Poultry

Livestock Identification

Animal Health
Delivery Systems

Resource Management

Pet Identification

Ally Baird

The TagFaster tags are small which I prefer because a big tag detracts from the sheep, particularly if it is a pedigree show sheep. The tags are simple and easy to use. Importantly, the retention is very good.

Adrian Robertson

Z Tags definitely have better retention than any other tag I have seen in use. They are easy to use and they are easy to apply to young calves.

Derek McKinney

 “With Typifix tags the sample simply cannot fall out and  is sealed and secure with no risk of contamination. They are just so simple to  use,”

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