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Datamars is an innovation and quality leader in the animal and textile management industries. Our vast experience in RFID and integrated systems, coupled with our deep understanding of our customers’ operations have made us a leading choice of successful businesses around the globe.


Our globally recognized family of product brands, including Z Tags, Roxan, Simcro, Felixcan, Petlink, Textile-ID and now Tru-Test allow us to offer a comprehensive range of integrated services and products, including companion animal identification and reunification products, animal health delivery systems and identification products, and textile tracing and inventory management systems.


Industry Knowledge

Thanks to the unification of Datamars with Bentley Romania, Demaplast, Felixcan, Planet ID, QuickTag, Roxan, Rumitag, Temple Tag, Vethica and Z Tag


The company quickly established itself as a world leader in its markets, growing rapidly and innovating continuously. DATAMARS developed the first RFID applications with the invention of the Laundry Tag and participating to create the ISO standard for Animal ID.

Global presence

A global player in the livestock industry

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Brands of Datamars Group

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