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We provide the platform and tools for you to better manage your farm and livestock. Our products work with each other, but most importantly – they work with you.

 A smarter future 

Heat and health monitoring, autonomous weighing and fencing solutions you can trust.

 Livestock identification 

Livestock Identification offers a comprehensive range of tagging solutions providing high retention, reliable EID readability and visual colour identification for both Official and Non Official tags. High quality laser marking allows bespoke management information to be included.

 Livestock performance 
& monitoring 

Track your animals individual performance with EID readers and weigh scales. Our digital platform provides you with the intel to make informed decisions about managing performance to target weights.

 Animal health 

Accurate and reliable animal health delivery tools including injectors, oral drenchers and topical applicators.

Vaccinating large numbers is easier with the Simcro VS centre of gravity set over the rear
 Farm infrastructure 

Core farm infrastructure across a range of products including powerful electric fence systems, fencing tools, pasture monitoring and measurement.


"The TagFaster tags are small which I prefer because a big tag detracts from the sheep, particularly if it is a pedigree show sheep. The tags are simple and easy to use. Importantly, the retention is very good."

Ally Baird

"Z Tags definitely have better retention than any other tag I have seen in use. They are easy to use and they are easy to apply to young calves."

Adrian Robertson

"The XR5000 is a game changer! It collects and delivers as much or as little information as you want it to."

Ian Norbury
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