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TagFaster is the combination of an innovative sheep tag and automatic tagger offering total tagging convenience and speeds up to six times faster than traditional livestock tagging.


Automatic Applicator

The TagFaster automatic applicator is balanced and lightweight but yet robust. Tagging is much faster and easier with speeds of up to six times faster than traditional tagging achievable.


10 animals are tagged with one applicator load when double identifying and 20 when identifying with a single tag. The gun automatically releases the ear and the tag pins are covered for cleanliness and to prevent tangling in the wool. Periodic cleaning is required.



Our EID chip is totally enclosed, protecting your chip from damage and giving them a reliable read rate.

Protected chip

Designed to not pinch the ears, which prevents agitation 
of the ear and infection.

Anti-pinch design

Great retention rates, ideal for breeding stock when you need your tags to last longer. 

High retention

"I would not use any other tagger as TagFaster is just so quick and easy to use, and less stressful to the lambs when tagging."

Robert Morgan, Llanbrynmair