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Repeater from NJ Phillips proves to be a time saving and handy tool!

Natalie Ingman with her 25ml Repeater from NJ Phillips
Natalie Ingman with her 25ml Repeater from NJ Phillips

Natalie Ingman assists her father who farm near Mold in North Wales and have used an NJ Phillips 25ml Repeater Injector for over five years now when vaccinating ewes and lambs. They lamb 400 ewes which are Suffolk x Mule and Texel x ewes which they put to Charolais & Texel tups producing long meaty lambs.

“We like the Repeater because there are no bottles or pipes to get in the way unlike more conventional vaccinators. Our ewes are large and can fight back even though we have a mobile handling system”.

“We carry a Repeater in the truck so we avoid putting off jobs because it’s so much easier to get it done - even if only a smaller batch need doing you just load up the vaccinator and walk through the pen - job done”.

“Treating ewes and lambs at the same time with varying dosage rates is easy using the Repeater as you can adjust the dial as you go and still be confident they are getting the correct dosage with no product wastage either - much quicker than shedding ewes from lambs, then running them through again to treat separately”.

“Our 25ml Repeater is still going strong after 5 years, and we would not be without it. We find there is less piercing into the bottle with less damage and danger of contamination if you compare this to a syringe. There is also less risk of breaking a tip than can also happen with bottle mounted vaccinators especially with large ewes”.

“The Repeater also carries the Sterimatic needle cleaning system if required which helps to reduce the danger of cross infection and risk of abscesses”.

“The 50ml Repeater gives the option to treat cattle or sheep and we will be trying one of those. They are even better now with a stronger barrel, metal pull rod and a free service kit”.

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