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Welsh Small Grant Efficiency scheme

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The Welsh Small Grant Efficiency Scheme is specifically aimed at supporting farmers to produce food in a sustainable way, whilst taking proactive action to respond to the climate emergency and to help reverse the decline in biodiversity.

It focuses on providing capital funding to help farmers in Wales to improve the technical, financial and environmental performance of their farm businesses.

The objectives are to:

· increase on-farm investment

· increase technical performance

· increase on-farm production efficiencies

· increase on-farm resource efficiencies

· enhance the use of technology to improve management decisions.

For qualifying products and solutions, the scheme supports capital investments in equipment and technology that have been pre-identified as offering clear and quantifiable benefits to your farm business.

Datamars Livestock firmly believe in the value that technology can deliver on farm – in fact, we make it the core of our business to ensure our solutions work better, together.

As such we are 100% behind the Welsh Small Grant Efficiency scheme, making sure that our team are fully informed about the benefits it can offer you and your farm business.

To help identify which Datamars Livestock products are eligible, and what exact benefit is available to you we have produce the below product/solution overview, along with a referenced value available from the grant.

Investment item


Std Cost (ex VAT)

Grant value

Datamars item(s)

Electronic Weigh System

Digital weighing device with the ability to:

  • Record individual animal’s weight

  • Track live weight gains

  • Interface with a computer or mobile device

  • Weigh bars and platforms are separate items (see below).



  • 880 0000-705 Tru-Test EziWeigh7i Indicator

  • 880 0010-832 Tru-Test JR5000 Indicator

  • 880 0000-787 Tru-Test ID5000 Indicator

  • 880 0000-182 Tru-Test XR5000 Indicator

Weigh Bars / Platforms

Weigh Bars / Platforms, comprising:

  • Load bars or a platform compatible with the crush

  • Compatible with an electronic weigh system (see above)



  • 880 0000-202 Tru-Test MP600 Load Bars

  • 880 0000-240 Tru-Test MP800 Load Bars

  • 880 0000-565 Tru-Test HD5T Load Bars

  • 880 0000-081 Tru-Test Cattle Platform 2.2m

  • 880 0001-807 Tru-Test Calf Platform 1.1m





Standalone equipment which automatically weighs cattle comprising of:

  • Weight platform with race or holding Area

  • EID reader

  • Ability to remotely monitor / record weight of animal

  • System can include a water trough, feed or mineral block trough, or a walk

  • through race

  • Annual subscription costs not eligible.



  • Tru-Test Dairy WOW 4000

  • Tru-Test Flexi Mobile WOW 4000C

EID hand held device.

Handheld EID reader comprising:

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for individual reading and recording of animals

  • Ability to record individual weights, treatments, births, movements

  • Capability of exporting data to a computer based software package or cloud based application for the active monitoring of livestock



  • 880 0000-822 Tru-Test XRS2 EID Stick Reader

EID panel reader for sheep identification

EID panel reader for sheep identification, consists of;

  • Static / race reader

  • Must be able to read HDX and FDXB tags

  • Includes antenna

  • Can connect to a weight scale

  • Hand held devices not eligible

  • Must be fixed to a sheep handling system



  • 880 0001-011 Tru-Test XRP2 EID Panel Reader

  • 880 0000-271 Tru-Test XRP2 EID Panel Reader with Small Antenna (Sheep)

Pasture Plate Meter (Handheld)

A handheld device to assess grass cover by measuring total height and the number of measures.

  • The device must have the capability of:

  • Storing separate paddocks

  • Storing the data to be downloaded to a computer



  • 880 0002-138 Tru-Test EC10 Platemeter

  • 880 0001-620 Tru-Test EC20 Platemeter

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing equipment, comprising of a minimum of:

50 x Temporary fencing stakes

3 x Reels / spools for wire

1 x reel end post (to hold minimum 3 reels)

3 x insulated gate handles / end assemblies

1200m Electric fence wire, braided wire or polywire



  • 880 0013-154 50 x Speedrite Temporary fencing stakes Red Plastic Tread- In (50 carton)

  • 880 0000-434 Speedrite SPE Geared Reel 3 x Reels / spools for wire

  • 880 0000-999 Speedrite Econo Reel

  • 880 0000-482 Speedrite 1 x reel end post (to hold minimum 3 reels) 3 Hole Galvanised Reel Mounting Post

  • 880 0001-611 Speedrite 3 x insulated gate handles / end assemblies Extreme Dual Purpose Handle

  • 880 0000-193 Speedrite Zammr Handle

  • 880 0013-040 Speedrite 1200m Electric fence wire, braided wire or polywire 3 x Premium Braid 400m or

  • 880 0000-319 Speedrite 2 x Polywire 500m + 1 x 880 0000-701 Speedrite SPE Polywire

  • FPG00295 Strainrite multi strand post each (white plastic)

Electric Fencing Energiser

Solar Powered Electric fencing Energiser with integrated solar panel and battery.

  • Minimum 0.5 Joules.



  • 880 0002-623 Speedrite S500 MK2 INTL Solar Energizer

  • 880 0002-626 Speedrite S1000 INTL Solar Energizer

Heat Detection System - Base Unit

Heat detection base unit, comprising:

  • Automatic system for the heat detection in cows based on motion detection

  • To be used in combination with either electronic ear tags, neck collars, ankle transponders, or boluses to identify individual animals

  • Systems which can be used for location-tracking for management purposes also eligible



  • ​880 0004-609 Tru-Test Edge gateway with LTE

  • 880 0004-658 Tru-Test Edge gateway w/o LTE

Heat Detection System - ear tags, neck

Automated system for the heat detection in cows; to measure motion associated with oestrous behaviour, comprising of: Individual neck collars, ear tags, ankle band with transponder, or bolus

  • Cost is per neck collar/ankle band, ear tag or bolus.

  • Ear tags, neck collars, ankle transponders or boluses used for location tracking for management purposes also eligible.

  • For ear tags to be eligible, they must have a life expectancy of at least five years, be reusable (transferable to another animal).

  • Tags used for Cattle Tracing System (CTS) purposes are not eligible for funding.



  • 986 0000-507 Tru-Test Active Collar tag, belt with weight and tag assembled, box of 25

  • 700 2100-718 Tru-Test Active collar belt polyester grey/yellow

  • 700 2100-719 Tru-Test Active collar weight

  • 700 2100-746 Active Ear Tag/M2Z yellow, bag of 20, box 100

Naturally there are eligibility criteria, along with aspects like maximum grant rate and maximum grant threshold, to consider when making your decision.

But do not worry, contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members today and we can talk you through all the details – in plain English.


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