SKU: 880 0002-519
    • Powers up to 400 acres / 160 ha (270 km) of fence
    • 15 J maximum output energy (21 J stored energy)
    • Compatible with Remote (Sold Separately)

    • Earth monitor LED illuminates orange when the earth voltage is above 800 V.

    • Earth monitor terminal should be connected in the same way as 415i. Earth rod for earth monitor needs to be 10m away from A15Xi’s earth system.

    • Notifies farmer when the earth system needs to be improved to allow for adequate shocks from the fence.

    • Indicates when a medium or heavy load is seen on the fence.

    • Medium load LED illuminates orange when the fence load is 100 Ω or less.

    • Medium load and heavy load LEDs illuminate orange when the fence load is 50 Ω or less.

    • Notifies farmer when the fence needs to be checked for high vegetation or shorts on the fence.

    • 3 Year Warranty

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