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The Dairy WOW 4000 works with milking routines to automatically collect weights daily,  removing the challenges of manually weighing your herd.


The Dairy WOW 4000 integrates into your milking parlour, enabling real-time weight recording. Daily weighing data is transformed into unique weekly insights, allowing you to identify rapid or excessive weight loss. Allowing you to intervene and act as soon as possible. 


The Dairy WOW 4000 system connects via mobile or satellite to the simple and easy to use Datamars Livestock cloud software that delivers real data in real time.

Dairy WOW 4000

SKU: 880 0004-664
    • Non-slip weighing platform
    • EID reader and antenna
    • Control unit (4G, SAT, Wi-Fi options)
    • MP6000 load bars
    • Mains power system
    • Datamars Livestock subscription (data package available)
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