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The Prattley Swing Gate AutoDraft is a powerful tool allowing a single operator to control weighing and drafting. The Prattley Swing Gate AutoDrafter coordinates with an external Indicator/recorder and loadbars to produce a seamless package.


The rear gates have vertical rollers which allow the gates to roll around sheep as they close and allow the following sheep to pull back without getting caught.


Designed to eliminate the need to have left or right hand operation.


Stationary or mobile available

Prattley 3-way Swing Gate AutoDraft - Stationary

SKU: 920 0004-003
    • Quiet pneumatic operation promotes good stock flow
    • Auto weigh approx. 600 sheep per hour
    • Conventional drafting with remote
    • EID compatible
    • Improved weighing accuracy with the crate design
    • Drafting by weight
    • Drafting by weight gain
    • Drafting on EID tag database
    • Drafting by sight (remote manual drafting)
    • Selective weighing/drafting
    • Selective bypassing of weighing cycle
    • Weigh-then-HOLD to allow inspection before drafting
    • Remote override of indicators draft range
    • Versatile design that works in multiple yards

    * Indicator and load bars sold separately

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