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Datamars Announces New Branding: Focus on Integrated Solutions for Customers

New brand underlines commitment to broad portfolio of purpose-built solutions for

improving lives and businesses.

Datamars, a leader in delivering intelligent tracking, identification and livestock

management solutions, has announced the introduction of new corporate branding to

better reflect its purpose: solving customers’ challenges and improving the lives of both

animals and people.

Datamars has experienced significant organic growth from customers who rely on its

trusted product portfolio to grow and manage their businesses. This integrated portfolio

represents 27 product brands and over 300 years of accumulated knowledge from serving

these customers.

Datamars has also grown significantly by strategically acquiring and integrating market leading

brands into its product portfolio, such as:

  • Simcro – a world-renowned innovator in animal health delivery systems, providing solutions to help customers easily and accurately administer vaccines and other medications.

  • Tru-Test – A global leader in agri-technology products and livestock tools for intelligent information gathering and livestock management.

As the company embarks upon an expanded effort to integrate its product offerings and

global reach, Datamars' new corporate brand has been developed to better unify the

product brands and empower employees to work across the organization and deliver

integrated solutions for companion animals and their families, livestock business owners

and textile services companies.

Datamars' leadership in the industry is the result of its passion for understanding

technology and how it can be used to benefit its customers. Datamars' active

participation in global standards-making organizations reflects its industry leadership

and commitment to its purpose. The new acquisitions and branding will strengthen

Datamars’ participation in these industries served and position the company for greater

growth and success under the new Datamars brand.

Old Datamars Logo
Old Datamars Logo

New Datamars Logo
New Datamars Logo


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