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EID Tagging, Reading & Weighing Benefits

Updated: Feb 7

With EID tagging in sheep compulsory and around the corner in 2020 for cattle, many producers already utilise EID tag reading. Inadequate records are the biggest reason for withholding Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) payments (Source; DEFRA). Much more can be achieved especially if EID reading is incorporated into a weighing and recording system with daily liveweight gain (DLWG) a key performance indicator.

MiHub Livestock Management Software from Tru-Test turns weighing data into clearly presented, information driving efficiencies and targeted finishing weights being achieved. Weighing also takes the guesswork out of vital decisions. Link the EID tag number to the weight you have recorded with a Tru-Test XRS2 Stick reader when the animal enters the crush, linking to your weigh indicator. The data link app on your phone can then transfer this session data via Bluetooth from the weigh indicator and then be forwarded straight from your handling yards to your office or shared elsewhere. Existing cattle crushes can incorporate the new Tru-Test HD5T load bar which can easily cope with heavier systems commonly seen. In sheep systems using combi clamps and crates, the MP 800 can be incorporated. Both units take the EziWeigh7i providing weight gain and statistical information.

In dairy calves, correct weight at weaning ensures the animal has the best possible start providing a check on milk rations. Achieving the correct bulling weight at 13 months ensures post weaning rations deliver required DLWG. Bulling underweight means an animal may never recover, missing profitable additional lactations, being culled earlier and never exploiting their genetic potential. Delaying bulling is costly too, pushing back the break-even point. In suckler and finishing units, decisions can be made on creep feed ration and monitoring of batch performance with strict finishing premiums on weight.

Finished lamb production benefits hugely from EID reading and weighing alongside hand grading revealing body score and confirmation alongside weight too. This hits optimum carcass requirements, avoiding upper weight limits for abattoirs or animals becoming too fat.

Other benefits of EID reading and weighing reveal illness. Correct drenching or vaccination weight is key, so maximum benefit is achieved. Anthelmintic resistance can result if incorrectly dosed relative to bodyweight.

MoleTag for sheep and cattle offers a range of EID tagging options. The full range of EID readers and weighing solutions from Tru-Test are all available from your local MVF store.


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