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From humble rural beginnings 125 years ago taming rugged bushland in New Zealand, Hayes Tools have provided precision, strength, safety and accuracy where required. It remains the tool of choice for fencing contractors and farmers in the know who turn to Hayes when erecting all manner of fencing. Tim Bennett founder of Bennett Fencing has been fencing for over 40 years and explains; “I can still remember the first time I was handed a set of Hayes smooth grip strainers. It was a revelation in how to strain wire without any damage compared to other straining devices and are still as good to this day.” Tim explains how Hayes tools are an essential part of their fencing kit in their South East based family business with livestock fencing still forming the core of their business. Tim adds; “Fencing is a tough old job, it’s hard on tools but Hayes build quality cope with the conditions, they are the first thing loaded into the truck when we are going to a job.” Hayes offer the much copied but never equalled H300 Smooth Grip Strainers with safety certified high tensile chain providing operator confidence to safely strain wire to its optimum tension without damaging wire preventing weakness or corrosion points. In the modern era of high tensile fencing, higher wire tension between posts delivers a more stock resistant fence and remains taught for longer. The Hayes range of strainer clamps assist in tensioning conventional pig or sheep netting and higher prefabricated rolls for deer and other livestock without distortion and damage to wire strands. Hayes clamps with their hammer in wedges ensure netting is quickly held in position prior to tensioning. Wedges are whacked in, straining and securing done, wedges whacked out -repeat. No tensioning bolts that go wrong over time! In addition, the longer chain provided on the Hayes H406 Clamp Strainer gives extra working room when tensioning fence lines. High tensile wire is ‘springy’ when unrolled, this makes it harder to handle. Hayes wire dispensers ensure wires strands run out smoothly without kinks or tangles. Jack Bennett also with Bennett Fencing is also an accomplished fencer in his own right winning Fencing News National championship in 2014 and 19 alongside colleague Hamish DeBaerdemaecker. Jack comments; “I have inherited Hayes tools that are 20+ years old and still going strong. After 1,000’s of kilometres and 1,000’s of hours of work, Hayes tools are still going strong. It’s no way to treat a set of tools, out in the rain and elements, but it doesn’t seem to bother Hayes, they are built for the job.”

Jack is also complimentary of the Hayes Pro Crimp and adds; “When arriving on a job, usually the existing fence line needs to come down. The Hayes 4 in 1 Pro Crimp gets staples out quickly and cuts through anything in our way. Then it comes back into play for crimping wire joins or stripping underground cable when we are erecting the new fence”. Jack contrasts using other fencing pliers; “Using parrot beak pliers or a staple pick’ compared to a set of Hayes ProCrimps makes staple removing a harder and longer job. Crimping wire together is effortless, makes a stronger joint that won’t pull apart under hi tension and less damaging to any wire than a knot. The 4 in 1 tool is an essential part of our Tool Kit. Using Hayes wire strainers together with the 4 in 1 fencing tool and crimp sleeves enables you to join wire smartly without loss of tension.” Crimps to join wire strands or netting come in a range of gauge sizes joining in a cost-effective manner neatly and quickly with no distortion or failure in the future. Hayes also produce a range of distinctive red spades and post rammers. They are made of hardened steel and assist in post and strainer hole digging. Jack and Tim are big fans also; “Hayes digging tools are cleverly and well made with a lot of thought gone into their design, with never any cracking in the welds”. The whole Bennett fencing team agree; “Fencing is a bit like an action thriller -full of tension, twists and turns. However, we don’t rely on 007 turning up to save the day, we just reach for a set of H300’s to safely take the strain”.

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