Datamars Livestock launches ‘smart’ 46 Joule energizer

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Pasture management just got more powerful and easier to control, with the new Mains powered Speedrite 46000W electric fence energizer joining the Datamars Livestock range. This 46 Joule energizer powers up to 460 km (290 miles) of fence line capable of enclosing 260 hectares (640 acres) of grazing pasture and the ability to monitor and control the energizer from a smart phone.

Its iconic predecessor, the Speedrite 36000R energizer, has been the model of choice for larger units, but the 46000W is not only more powerful but is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled.  “This is our first ‘smart’ energizer”, explains Rob Massey Datamars Agri UK Head of Sales.  “Farmers use the free Datamars Livestock Farm App to connect the energizer to Wi-Fi, check voltage in real-time and configure settings. The app can also turn the power off and on, and send alerts when the voltage drops, solving or at least alerting you to potential issues when you are off the farm offering peace of mind and saving time”. 

“In addition, if you come across a fault on the fence line when you are in an outlying pasture, you simply use the app to turn the energizer off right from where you’re standing to fix the fault, then turn the energizer back on and check the voltage is back to normal, Rob adds.”

Other features include split bolt terminals with a pin through design, allowing multiple fence wires to easily connect without the need to bend or over-tighten. A ‘bi-polar’ installation can also be used in areas with poor earth conditions. In this configuration all fence wires are live and depend less on the earth to provide an adequate shock for animal containment.

Rob further adds: “The sleek and modern 46 Joule energizer leads us one step closer towards a fully connected farm and is one of the first deliverables in Datamars Livestock’s eco-system of integrated solutions”.