Weighing to reveal health, nutrition and genetic improvements

Capturing the weight of an animal correctly has become easier with modern handling equipment such as cattle crushes, weigh platforms and squeeze crates equipped with digital weighing equipment. When linked to EID panel and stick readers, meaningful data capture such as weight etc. offers valuable insights to livestock producers.  Capital grant schemes regularly assist towards digital weighing and EID reading solution purchases for UK producers too. 

Ian Norbury is an AHDB Strategic Farm and the @Mobberleyangus beef brand is now achieving a reputation for quality beef through local butchers and pub chain outlets alike with proven provenance of the meat giving higher returns

“The Tru-Test XR5000 is a game changer, collecting and delivering as much or as little information as you want. I like to see Daily Liveweight Gain, Average Liveweight Gain, Sire / Dam, UK Tag number and health status”. 

Ian weighs every animal off the farm too when selling to abattoir or for breeding, he then stays to see them graded so he can get a good idea of confirmation and carcass quality and ensure that the sire and confirmation are working for him.  

“I use the Datamars Livestock app and needed 0.8kg of DLWG not 1kg DLWG last winter on my store cattle in order to meet my month and weight goal, which is to kill between 16 -22 months, this saves on concentrate usage and saves money.  We utilise this information talking to our feed supplier and fine tune our ration.  By weighing every three weeks, a clear indication can be seen onscreen from the graphs seeing if the feed is delivering what we hope. Regular weighing at Mobberly also reveals any underlying health or nutritional deficiencies quickly so intervention can take place sooner”.

By staying with the bulls at kill and seeing them graded he can see how his weights are comparing to the end kill weight, plus he can see more from his Sire & Dam when a carcass is hanging up as Ian is striving for a more efficient cow who eats less but still produces quality offspring.